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Senior Tag: The Underwear Games

In Reagan Parker’s wildest dreams, she never could’ve imagined where she finds herself one April afternoon after school…in a public park, hiding behind a tree with a water pistol in her hands, and clad only in her undies.  How could she possibly have let five girls she hardly knew talk her into this craziness?  As a quiet, mostly invisible newcomer to Middlefield, Ohio, Regan had only been at Tecumseh High for a few months and had never even heard of Senior Tag before that day.  But somehow, at Kate Young and her friends’ urgent and desperate appeals to fill their team due to a last-minute opening, Reagan agrees–without knowing the hugely important rule about stripping to your skivvies before attempting to track down and douse your opponents!  As if that in itself wasn’t bad enough, she then accidentally runs face-first into none other than Alex Sutherland, knocking down the hottest boy in school and the one guy she’s secretly been crushing on since her first day at Tecumseh. 

Humiliation doesn’t even begin to describe what Reagan is feeling at that moment, but remarkably, after the most awkward conversation in the history of ever, Alex actually appears to be interested in her.  Unfortunately, her teammates insist he’s most likely just playing her, hoping to gain a later advantage in the game.  Reagan’s not sure who or what to believe–being home-schooled for the past three years because of her mom’s illness hasn’t exactly prepared her to be an expert on all things social.  Thank goodness she’s made one good friend since moving to Ohio, though…her neighbor, Ian Cooper, who graduated last year and can give her advice about Tag and Alex.   

But Ian has his own issues to deal with.  Known as “the” partier and clown of his own senior class, he’s spent a year trying to clean up while navigating community college with no study skills.  Even more difficult is his unshakable, devastating crush on Kate Young, who has good reason to hate him.  He hopes that by being the mentor for Alex’s team during this year’s Senior Tag, perhaps he can get closer to Kate again and make her see he’s changed.  Too bad her misplaced devotion to her ex, a loser by everyone’s standards except Kate’s, keeps getting in the way.  But when Ian realizes Reagan has landed a spot on Kate’s team during Tag, he can’t help feeling a little more optimism.  Reagan knows the new, improved version of Ian better than anyone–in fact, he’s diligently kept his past high school reputation a secret from her.  But sometimes secrets have a way of being revealed in the most unexpected ways…

 As Tag heats up, so too does Reagan and Alex’s growing relationship.  Although still a tiny unsure of Alex’s true motives, Reagan starts to lose her heart to this complex boy who sees parts of her soul that no one else ever has.  But just when she’s the most confident about everything in her unexpectedly quirky life, it all suddenly falls apart.  She discovers Ian isn’t the person she knew him to be, which is a shocking blow.  Then a seemingly undeniable betrayal by Alex ruins an emotional memorial service on the anniversary of her mom’s death when another team ambushes her–causing her bitterly angry dad to ground her for life.  But was Alex really the person behind it?  As the final battle round of Tag begins and her team needs her more than ever, will Reagan use her new inner strength to help them find a way to win it all, even if she has to defy her dad in the process?  Can she forgive Ian and help ensure he and Kate get together, at last?  Can she still find love with Alex, after everything they’ve been through?  Will she end up with true happiness…all initiated by a game she played in her undies?

 ~ 2016 Golden Heart® Finalist, Young Adult Category

Miranda Perry’s Imported Prom Date

What should an overachieving valedictorian do when she’s dumped one week before prom?  Hold her head high and make the best of it, right?  But when her “perfect” ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend flaunt their plans, Miranda blurts out the worst lie of her life: that she has another date for prom.  A better date, too!  But since a better date doesn’t exist in their high school (or the Tri-State area for that matter) Miranda has to import one all the way from Italy, risking everything—even part of her hard-earned college fund—to get him there.  Then a funny thing happened on the way to the airport….  and his name is Baxter. Read more»

~A 2013 GOLDEN HEART® Finalist, Young Adult Category

The Dead Guy Downstairs

It’s hard to get a life when you’re surrounded by death. And when your family owns the local funeral home and you live there too, guess what? Death defines you. Emily knows that’s why her best friend, Nathan, kicked her to the curb years ago, a rejection that crushed her then but toughened her later.  Now, Emily doesn’t think anything can pierce the armor she’s built for herself. Until one day the dead guy downstairs turns out to be Nathan’s favorite uncle, an apparent victim of suicide. But when Emily overhears a secret conversation in the funeral home and learns that it was murder, she has a serious decision to make: tell Nathan the truth and risk her heart, or tell the police and risk her life… Read more»

~A 2011 GOLDEN HEART® Finalist, Young Adult Category

Represented by Cori Deyoe, Three Seas Literary Agency

Carpe Diem, my friends!

Posted at Feb 27, 2017 1:55 am

Earlier this month, my father passed away. He had been disabled since I was 10 years old and I’ve been told many times since then to say my final goodbye to him. One can only stand at their Dad’s bedside and grieve his passing so many times before you think you just can’t do it anymore. You think you’re all grieved out. You think you’re ready…

But you’re never ready.

My dad was an amazing person who was hit by a drunk driver while on a lawn mower, thrown 90′ down the road, was physically broken in more ways than I can tell you… but never gave up. He had a phenomenal drive and he never let his situation get him down. He never became bitter. He became a wood worker and made  beautiful things from his wheelchair. The past few years, he’d gotten slower at that. He’d stopped smiling as much. His endless pain had finally worn him down. When he developed kidney failure on top of all of the other things wrong with him, he just couldn’t face one more thing. After a brief go at dialysis, he stopped taking it. As his doctor predicted, he passed very quickly. But not before we were able to have him a “good-bye” wake. Yes, he threw a party at our church and asked everyone he knew to come and say goodbye to him, rather than coming to his funeral. It was beautiful. The church was packed. People offered wonderful stories of my dad–mostly about how they had been inspired by someone so disadvantaged by fate, yet optimistic and loving by nature. He passed away only four days later. My birthday feel between his passing and his funeral. And the event I had thought I’d been ready for was far more devastating than I’d expected. It made me think of all the times I should have spent with him, all the wasted opportunities. It made me think about how much I want to be like him. And it made me think about how much I need to slow down, hug my kids more and appreciate my family for all their love and support.

Two weeks later, a very close cousin of mine was killed in a car accident. My father’s passing, though hard, had been expected nearly my whole life. Not so much when a someone nearly your age, someone who shared so much of your childhood and experience, someone who wasn’t supposed to die yet… does.  He had minor children and a wife. He had plans and dreams. He had a smile on his face whenever I saw him.

Life is fragile and fleeting.

I have been writing my whole life. I have been seeking publication for longer than I care to admit, since I have yet to achieve that goal. In that time, I have also raised two children, opened, operated and sustained a funeral home, been through numerous life challenges and maintained a household (for the most part–though my kids would argue otherwise!). I have let life complicate my success. But not anymore. This is my year. Carpe Diem.

I will live more, love more and laugh more…

I will write more, read more and create more…

And I will pass from a student of writing craft into the realm of publishing. My agent believes I can. My family believes I can. And most importantly

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