Meet Sheri

Ssheriheri’s first publishing credit was a poem about her pet rabbit, printed in Highlights Magazine when she was six years old.  She continued putting pen to paper, pouring out angst and agony (mostly in very bad poetry) throughout her teen years and into adulthood—though part time jobs, her love of horses and, let’s face it, boys, increasingly pulled her attention away from writing.  Sheri became a cosmetologist after high school, expecting it to be an intensely creative career. Little did she know that she would marry a funeral director, eventually co-own a funeral home with him, and the only “hair dressing” she’d be doing was on dead people.  Yes, here’s where writing came back into her life.  It’s important to have something to think about when you’re coping with death on a daily basis.

Sheri first tried her hand at writing the historical romances she loved to read, but as the mother of two teens (and someone who never really grew up herself) Sheri’s voice was soon drawn to young adult fiction.  It was a perfect fit!  Her first Young Adult Romance, The Dead Guy Downstairs, was a 2011 finalist in the prestigious Golden Heart Contest® (sponsored annually by Romance Writers of America®).  Her second YA Romance, Miranda Perry’s Imported Prom Date, was a 2013 Golden Heart® Finalist.  (See Books)

sheri2As a long-time member of RWA and past president of the Central Ohio Fiction Writers, Sheri’s been actively involved in the writing community for over a decade.  She has also won or placed in multiple other RWA contests, including the Beau Monde’s Royal Ascot.  She lives in Mid-west Ohio with her loving, supportive husband of twenty years and their two amazing kids—a son and daughter who make her proud and keep her laughing every day.

Fun Facts about Sheri:

Most Interesting Living Arrangement: Has lived in five different funeral homes, currently residing in the one she owns with her hubby.  (Can you top that?)

Second Most Interesting Living Arrangement:  Was a live-in Nanny in Rehoboth Beach, DE. (Or that?)

Fifteen Minutes of Fame: Appeared on a short-lived primetime game show on ABC called “Duel” in Dec. 2007 (but didn’t win any money!)

Travels Abroad: At age 20, spent some time in Paris with future Calvin Klein model/actor

Totally Irrational Fears: Terrified of Sharks (which is okay when you live in Ohio!)

Most Embarrassing Moment: As a senior in high school, an extremely unfortunate slip on her high school’s new gym floor ended with Sheri flashing her undies to her entire class!

OCD Issue: Must put lotion on her feet before going to bed every night.  Can’t sleep without it.  If she gets up again for any reason, must reapply said lotion before going back to bed.  (Yes, it’s weird!)

Favorite Foods: Indian Food, Southern-comfort Cuisine, Donuts and Cupcakes

Ironic Character Twists: Grew up on a farm (assisted with butchering animals) and now lives with dead people, but cannot watch horror films.