Miranda Perry’s Imported Prom Date

When “perfect,” over-achieving Miranda Perry is publicly dumped on Facebook by her super popular, all-around-god-of-the-school boyfriend, Tyler, a week before prom, Miranda is heartbroken and humiliated.  But when he shows up in the school library (where she works at the counter during her free periods) with his arm around his new girlfriend, looking smug and offering pity, Miranda loses it…and tells the biggest lie of her life.  She announces—within earshot of several other students—that she already has another date for prom; in fact, one way better than Tyler.  Trouble is, there’s not a better date than Tyler to be found in the entire high school, and no one knows that better than Tyler.

Through an impulsive scheme with Baxter, her socially-independent, slacker best friend since fourth grade, Miranda concocts a last-minute way to get a gorgeous, muscular, swoon-worthy date for prom all the way from Italy—Baxter’s former foreign exchange family friend, Marco.  But on a day when she needs everything to go perfectly on schedule in order to pull off her plan, she’s confronted with obstacle after mishap.  Throughout the course of this crazy day (with Baxter always at her side, just as he has been for years), Miranda will: nearly hit a zebra on the highway, damage her dad’s most prized possession (his classic Austin Martin car that she has to steal to pick up Marco from the airport), become friend and savior to a band of misfit traveling circus performers, find out Marco has a girlfriend of his own at a nearby college who he’s determined to see prior to prom, have her carefully-selected ideal prom setting at a B&B mansion fall through due to technical difficulties, experience a hair-styling disaster, and…most confusing and disturbing of all…watch Marco’s free-spirited, beautiful “girlfriend” fall all over Baxter (and become his prom date) while he turns on the charm.

As Baxter saves the day yet again by not only rescuing prom and turning it into the coolest, most magical high school event ever, Miranda discovers that there just might be more to her geeky best friend than she ever realized.  Her ultimate plan is succeeding: Tyler is jealous watching Marco pretend to be her boyfriend and wants her back (something she doesn’t want, but it’s a nice boost to her pride), all the girls envy her instead of pity her, prom is perfect, and everyone seems happy.  Everyone except her, that is.  Now that Miranda is seeing Baxter in a new special way (how could she not have recognized sooner how perfect he was for her?), it may just be too late.  But it turns out that she’s not the only one who has more-than-best-friend feelings in this twosome…and despite having everything go wrong that day, the most important thing of all finally ends up completely right.

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