The Dead Guy Downstairs

Nothing kills your social life like having dead people in your basement.  Nearly sixteen, Emily Harrington knows this fact firsthand.  Her parents own and run a funeral home, which wouldn’t be quite so bad if they didn’t actually live above the place too.  She’s learned to cope, though, with the taunting from other kids who consider her a freak, even if she had to “become” goth to do it.  But she never fully figured out how to deal with the hurt of betrayal from her old best friend, Nathan Grey. Nathan deserted her in middle school, back when all the teasing started, for reasons he never explained.  Now a hot football star with a snarky, popular girlfriend, he never even looks Emily’s way.  Until, that is, Nathan’s beloved Uncle Mike apparently commits suicide and ends up in the Harrington funeral home.  When Emily accidentally overhears two men talking at the viewing about how Mike had been murdered instead, she’s torn.  Does she swallow her pain and pride by going to Nathan with the information?  Will he listen?  Want her help?  Finally reveal why he gave up their friendship four years ago?  Hurt her again?  Knowing she has to do the right thing, Emily soon finds herself in over her head…working side by side with Nathan to solve a complex mystery that ultimately involves the safety of the entire town…and trying to ignore the fluttering of feelings for Nathan that go way beyond their new tentative friendship.  Can she learn to trust Nathan again?  And more importantly, can she learn to trust in herself enough to shed her Goth shell and outwardly become the person she’s really been all along?

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